800 E. North Shore Drive, Hartland, Wisconsin 53029

Staff Members

Michele Heinze

Photo of Michele Heinze
Kindergarten Hartland Fine Arts Leadership Academy Work Phone: (262) 369-6710

Ellen Hepp

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4K Wrap Around Instructor Hartland North Elementary Work Phone: 262-369-6710

Jane Hoelzel-Warren

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1st Grade Teacher Hartland North Elementary Work Phone: (262) 369-6710

What I love about teaching first grade is the enthusiasm of the students.  First graders have a very unique view of the world. They are extremely observant little human beings, and they notice everything. They are like sponges, soaking up all the stimuli around them, and it is amazing the things they tell me about.

I received my Batchelor’s Degree in Elementary Education in 1985 from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  I received my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  I am trained in the areas of Reading Recovery, Ortin-Gillingham multi-sensory phonics, and Leveled Literacy Learning.  I am a life-long learner and continue to enroll in University classes to enhance my teaching.

I have taught many years in the Hartland Lakeside District in various areas.  My most recent position is first grade. I have been an Interventionist in the areas of Reading/Reading Recovery, Math, and Writing.  I also taught second grade.  Prior to joining this district I taught in Milwaukee Public Schools for four years teaching both second and third grade

I live in Mukwonago with my husband Jeff and my two children.  When I am not teaching I love being with my family.


A Day in Our Classroom

Morning Meeting

Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting is an engaging way to start each day, build a strong sense of community, and set children up for success socially and academically. Each morning, students and teachers gather together in a circle for ten to fifteen minutes and interact with one another during these purposeful components:

  1. Greeting Students and teachers greet one another by name and practice offering hospitality.
  2. Sharing Students share information about important events in their lives. Listeners often offer empathetic comments or ask clarifying questions.
  3. Group Activity Everyone participates in a brief, lively activity that fosters group cohesion and helps students practice social and academic skills (for example, reciting a poem, dancing, singing, or playing a game that reinforces social or academic skills).

 Writer’s Workshop

The teacher gives a short lesson on some type of writing skill or strategy.

Student’s develop writing strategies and skills, learn about the writer’s craft, and use writing as a tool for learning and communication.  Writing for sustained periods, they explore different genres and formats for a range of purposes and for a variety of audiences.

 Reader’s Workshop

The teacher gives a short lesson on some type of reading skill or strategy, often focusing on comprehension, fluency, or decoding.  Students have the opportunity to practice the skill or strategy during independent reading time in a variety of self-selected and teacher selected texts. Early reading may include reading the text, reading the pictures, retelling the story to a partner.  During this time, students develop reading stamina and respond to literature.

 Language/Word Study

Students explore the intricacies of language across multiple genres including literature, informational texts, and poetry.  They investigate the meaning and structure of words, and the conventions and forms of written language.


Math Expressions provides a rigorous and challenging math program to our students.  This model includes direct instruction to build students understanding of math concepts and computations.  Concepts are initially presented concretely, or pictorially and then move to the abstract.


Steve Hogan

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Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds Hartland Lakeside School District Work Phone: (262) 369-6767

MaryAnne Hohmann

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Special Education Teacher North Shore Middle School Work Phone: (262) 369-6767

Mrs. Hohmann’s teaching career began in the Racine Unified School District in 1990. She then taught in Waterloo for two years and in Johnston, Iowa for six years. Mrs. Hohmann has been teaching in the Hartland-Lakeside School District since 1999. Before transferring to North Shore Middle School in 2008, she spent two years at Lakeside Elementary and seven years at Hartland South Elementary. She now works primarily with special education students in sixth grade.
Mrs. Hohmann believes it is her “job” to not only prepare students academically for NSMS and beyond, but to also prepare them to be responsible and resourceful learners. She works closely with parents and content area teachers to promote and maintain open lines of communication.

Bachelors Degree – Elementary Education 1-8, Learning Disabilities K-8
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire – 1990

What I love about teaching … the satisfaction that I receive when I see students excited about what they are learning, the successes that they have, and the self confidence that they gain.

Jodi Janke

Photo of Jodi Janke
Learning Assistant Hartland North Elementary Work Phone: (262) 369-6710

My name is Jodi Janke and I am a Learning Assistant at Hartland North.  This is my fourth year in the district.  My role is to support teachers and students both in and out of the classroom.


Mandi Johnson

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2nd Grade Teacher Hartland Fine Arts Leadership Academy Work Phone: 262-369-6710

Ryan Jonet

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IT Support Work Phone: 262-369-6767

Patty Jorgensen

Photo of Patty Jorgensen
Custodian North Shore Middle School Work Phone: (262) 369-6767
I have been a custodian with the Hartland Lakeside School District since 2003.  Before that I spent nearly 10 years with the district as a substitute teacher.
I live in the district and have raised kids who all went through the Hartland Lakeside School District.  I have lived in the Hartland area for over 45 years.

Janine Jungbluth

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Special Education Teacher Hartland South Elementary Work Phone: 262-369-6720

Heidi Kafkas

Photo of Heidi Kafkas
Office Manager Hartland South Elementary and Hartland School of Community Learning Work Phone: 262-369-6720

My Name is Heidi Kafkas and I am the Secretary at Hartland South and
The Hartland School of Community Learning. I have been with the District for
eight wonderful years. I have enjoyed getting to know all the great families through the years and watching your kids grow up. If I can ever help you with anything, my door is always open!

Erin Kasten

Photo of Erin Kasten
1st Grade Teacher Hartland North Elementary Work Phone: (262) 369-6710

What I love most about teaching is being able to impact and make a difference in my student’s lives each and every day! There is nothing more rewarding than the look in my student’s eyes when it finally clicks!

I earned my bachelors degree from UW-Whitewater with a certification in PreK-6th grade. I also earned my masters degree in teaching and learning at Carroll College University in December of 2008.

I have been married for 9 years to my husband Mike, and have two wonderful children who keep me very busy. Mya is 6 and Nolan is 4. I love being a mom!

In my first grade classroom, I feel that it is important to enhance learning opportunities by providing an environment where students’ love for life and learning are encouraged. It is important to do so by providing a safe, nurturing, positive learning environment where children feel a sense of belonging and community. It is my strong believe that if students are provided with many hands on learning opportunities through exploration, observation, and experimentation, learning with be fun and exciting for all students.


Katie Kieffer

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1st Grade Teacher Hartland North Work Phone: 262-369-6710

Jennifer Klang

Photo of Jennifer Klang
6th Grade Comm Arts Teacher North Shore Middle School Work Phone: 262-369-6767

Julie Korn

Photo of Julie Korn
Special Education Teacher Hartland School of Community Learning Work Phone: 262-369-6720

Rachel Kraemer

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5th Grade Teacher Hartland South Work Phone: 262-369-6720

Daniel Kreif

Photo of Daniel Kreif
Art Teacher Hartland North Elementary Work Phone: (262) 369-6710

Greetings, my name is Mr. Kreif and I am the Elementary Art Teacher here at the Hartland Lakeside School District! I rotate between Hartland North, Hartland Fine Arts Leadership Academy, and Hartland School of Community Learning. I live in Pewaukee with my wife Aleyna and my little dog, Indie. I enjoy snowboarding, building things out of wood, and going to concerts.

I graduated from the University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education and Ceramics with an Art History minor. During my schooling, I studied abroad with my ceramics professor for one month in Peru where I spent time in the Amazon, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. I have also traveled to Norway and I look forward to someday traveling to India. My travels in these countries have inspired me visually through their art and culture.

A lot of what I teach currently is inspired by my childhood and it makes me happy to provide these experiences for my students. When I was growing up, I would visit my grandparents and spend time in the basement woodworking with my Gramps and later go up stairs and work with my Grams using fibrous material to make projects. As a young child, using my imagination to create something real was a powerful experience. I was given the opportunity to explore these tools and processes and they have stuck with me throughout my life. I value the power and independence I can pass down to my young artists. I am really proud of how my students step up to the projects and challenges I present to them and feel lucky to be their teacher.

Maureen Lawler

Photo of Maureen Lawler
Data Manager Hartland Lakeside School District Work 800 E North Shore Drive Hartland Wisconsin 53029 Work Phone: 262-369-6700

I am the Data Systems Manager for the District, which means I am responsible for the district’s student database.  I handle all the student reporting to the Department of Instruction and the Federal Government for the district.  I have been with the district since 1995, starting out as the secretary for the Middle School and in 2008 I moved into the Data Systems Manager position.

Lisa Lederman

Photo of Lisa Lederman
Office Manager North Shore Middle School and LIFE Entrepeneurial Middle School Work 800 E. North Shore Drive Hartland WI 53029 Work Phone: 262-369-6767

I have been employed by the district since 2013 as one of two North Shore Middle School office managers.  I enjoy the fast pace and the challenges that come with the position.   Never a dull day!

MaryJo Levene

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Special Education Physical Therapy Hartland North Elementary Work Phone: (262) 369-6710
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