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Athletics FAQs

What is the difference between intramural and AMSAC Sports?

Intramural Sports:
Intramural sports programs provide students an opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive and/or recreational sports activities within their schools.

AMSAC Sports:
Arrowhead Middle School Athletic Conference (AMSAC) program provides students an opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive sports activities with the other Arrowhead feeder schools.

When is a sports physical needed?

A sports Physical is recommended by Hartland Lakeside district to play for all 5th – 8th grade AMSAC conference sports. A sports physical is good for 2 years. Contact District Nurse Ann Marie Meisner to see if your child is up to date.

Payment Information

You can paycheck, cash, or eFUNDS

Volunteer Coaching is limited, and parents are selected based on need. All volunteer coaches also must be on the district volunteer list. Contact Michele Davis for more information.

Families in need of financial assistance should also contact John Nekich at jnekich@hartlake.org for more information.

Where does the money go?

The fee contributes to the cost of uniforms, awards, game and practice equipment, field preparation, and coaching and instruction.

Is there financial support for my child?

We personally feel that every child should have the opportunity to participate in our program. If you are a parent/guardian who needs financial assistance to cover the cost of your child/children to participate, please email John Nekich at jnekich@hartlake.org.

How can I volunteer?

Parent volunteers will be needed throughout the year to make the season a success and a positive experience for all athletes.  This may include coaching, concessions, supervision, scoreboard, gamebook, tournaments, refs, field prep., uniform organization, etc.

When registering on TeamSnap, please select the volunteer options on the registration form that you may be interested in.

The success of our program is due to the support of our many volunteers.  We appreciate the donation of our volunteer’s time and commitment.  Please note that we will try to accommodate volunteer requests to the best of our ability, but there may be limited roles.

Students: Middle school students can volunteer to run the scoreboard during basketball games.  If you wish to volunteer, please email Mr. Nekich at jnekich@hartlake.org.

What should I bring?

Most practices and games are in the mornings, and outdoors, It is reccommended student have the following things available.

  1. Athletic Clothing: Students are now athletes and should dress like them. Jeans are never proper attire for sports. It is best to dress to the weather, and dress warm, because layers can always be taken off. Knit hats are good to keep the head warm for all sports during cold mornings. Some sports have specific things kids need to wear for their own safety.
    Soccer – Shin Guards (outdoor soccer shoes optional)
    Flag football – Mouth Guard
  2. Change of clothes: Students will be allowed time to get ready for there school day. Include an extra pair of dry socks, and even a change of shoes.
  3. A duffle bag to hold all of the stuff
  4. Plastic bags to put wet stuff in when practices and games are over
  5. Medications: Have a plan with the school nurse. Inhalers and Epi-pens should be easy for coaches to access.
  6. Water bottle and snack to have after practice and games. Please follow the district food policy!

Where can I check for cancellations?

We will attempt to reschedule canceled games, however, this may not always be possible due to the tight schedule.  Coaches and/or administration will determine cancellations and communicate through TeamSnap, and/or the District’s messaging system.

All games and practices will be canceled coinciding with district school cancelations. For example, no games would occur on a snow day.

The Association Between School-Based Physical Activity and Academic Performance

What are Assessments?

Assessments for AMSAC Sports

Assessments will be used at grade levels that require more than 1 team. This will be determined by the number of kids that register. Team size will be no fewer than 8, and not more than 15. It is possible some teams will be multi-grade level.

The Athletic Director along with selected coaches will facilitate basketball assessments.

Assessments are for students only, to ensure the comfort of all students in the process.

Basketball assessments are a tool Hartland Lakeside uses to help place kids on teams as equal as possible in grades 5 – 7. It uses the assessments to separate teams by A, B skill level for 8th graders. Please note other factors may also be involved in a child’s team placement. As a basketball community we need to support the variety of skill levels, and find meaningful roles for all kids on the court. This is never for us to compare the kids to each other, to place our children on pedestals, or to amplify what they do not know. We will use what they do know to make strong teams by building positive relationships, building self-esteem, and ensuring they receive quality instruction.

Parents are welcome to contact the athletic director with questions prior to assessments.