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Gifted & Talented

Philosophy of Hartland Lakeside School District

The Hartland Lakeside School District acknowledges and values the talent in all students. The process of screening and identification has been developed in order to meet the unique needs of gifted and talented children. Programming for gifted and talented learners is embedded in the context of the school environment in order to establish a school community that is responsive to the needs of all students. The Hartland Lakeside School District believes that differentiated curriculum is essential for meeting the needs of gifted learners in the classroom. Within the context of the classroom, students must be provided rich learning opportunities in order to build and attend to their talents and skills. In addition, a wide range of other learning opportunities must be provided for students identified as gifted and talented to enrich their exceptional capabilities and interests in one or more of the following areas: general intelligence; specific academic ability; creativity; visual or performing arts; leadership.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Comprehensive Integrated Programming Model for Gifted Education served as a foundation for the Hartland Lakeside School District’s gifted education and talented service delivery philosophy.

Please email your school principal for more information.