800 E. North Shore Drive, Hartland, Wisconsin 53029

Mission and Vision

 Hartland Lakeside School District
Mission and Vision Statements

District Mission
The Hartland Lakeside School District’s Mission is to provide a diverse and dynamic educational program that meets the unique learning styles of all students

District Vision
The district identifies seven key themes that represent our views and beliefs in how we will provide high quality education for our students. 

Our district will provide: A climate and culture of a highly collaborative and productive staff that take ownership of student performance, encourages parental involvement, displays a positive responsiveness to student issues, and meets the expectations of the district’s business model

  • A rigorous and consistent curriculum emphasizing accountability of high expectations and quality instruction that educates the whole child (includes skills and talents that are not readily measured on standardized tests) and demonstrates the importance of the fine arts 
  • High quality teachers, administrators, and support staff and ongoing professional development to ensure excellence in teaching and learning
  • An understanding that children have different learning styles and that the educational program, instructional delivery, and assignment of resources must vary for the benefit of individualized learning needs
  • Aesthetically appealing and well maintained physical areas that have a productive influence on student learning
  • Frequent and clear communication to parents, staff, and the community pertaining to our educational operations and objectives by utilizing multiple venues 
  • An engaged community where the district seeks connections and expresses the view that “We are more than a school system, we are the community” 

The district is dedicated to a fiscally responsible approach in decisions and actions that are in the best interest of our students and the Hartland community.