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Staff Members

Susan Allard

Photo of Susan Allard
Special Education Director / Special Education Teacher Hartland South Elementary Work Phone: (262) 369-6720

My name is Sue Allard and I am the new Director of Special Education.  I have been teaching in the district for the past 19 years, and I am very excited to take on this new role in addition to teaching part time at Hartland North.  I am passionate about our District’s inclusive service delivery model that supports collaboration to meet the needs of all our students. If you have any questions or concerns regarding issues related to special education feel free to contact me. I can be reached at 262-369-6758, or sallard@hartlake.org

Sally Anderson

Photo of Sally Anderson
Learning Assistant Hartland North Elementary Work Phone: (262) 369-6710

I am a Special Education Aide at Hartland North.   I have been In the Hartland lakeside school district as an aide for 2 years. I have children in the school district as well. I love my Job and all the students I help with as well as the staff I work along with.

Ethan Arnette

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Aide North Shore Middle School

Patrice Baker

Photo of Patrice Baker
Kindergarten Support Aide Hartland North Elementary Work Phone: (262) 369-6710

Kerin Baumann

Photo of Kerin Baumann
Speech Therapist Hartland South Elementary and Hartland North Elementary Work Phone: (262) 369-6720

I’m Kerin Baumann. I’m one of our Hartland-Lakesides’ Speech and Language Pathologists. I provide speech and language therapy services to students at both Hartland North and Hartland South Elementary Schools. I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Communication Science and Disorders program for both my undergraduate and graduate coursework. I have worked in the Hartland-Lakeside School District for over ten years. I’m a busy mom of three amazing kids. We enjoy spending our free time taking our kids to their sporting events and spending time boating, waterskiing, tubing, and vacationing up in Eagle River.

Jeannette Betker

Photo of Jeannette Betker
Office Manager Hartland North Elementary and Hartland Fine Arts Leadership Academy Work Phone: 262-369-6710

My name is Jeannette Betker.  I have been working in the Hartland-Lakeside School District since 2011, first as a learning assistant and now as school secretary for Hartland North and Hartland Fine Arts Leadership Academy.  I love getting to know all the families and helping out whenever I can.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.  My husband Mike and I have lived in Hartland since we got married, and we have two daughters who are both at the middle school.  We love Hartland-Lakeside!

Jamie Blank

Photo of Jamie Blank
5th Grade Teacher – Digital Classroom Hartland South Elementary School Work Phone: 262-369-6720

Sarah Blankenheim

Photo of Sarah Blankenheim
Literacy Coach North Shore Middle School and LIFE Entrepeneurial Middle School Work Phone: (262) 369-6767

What I love about teaching is: sharing my enthusiasm for reading and writing.

I taught 7th grade Comm. Arts for 7 years and am now the North Shore Middle School Literacy Coach. I support literacy in all the classroom by collaborating, team-teaching, team-planning and modeling. Literacy is my passion, and I want all students to be excited about reading and writing.

Heather Bogie

Photo of Heather Bogie
3rd Grade Hartland South Elementary Work Phone: (262) 369-6720

I have been working in the Hartland-Lakeside School District since 1999. I have taught second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education for grades one through nine. I also have earned a Masters of Arts in Education from Viterbo University. 

As a parent, I know that you are your child’s first teacher. Together we will work to make their academic experience as positive and successful as it can be. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions that you may have. 

What I love about teaching is working with families and watching a child grow and mature over the school year.  

My expectations are that children become active participants in their education.  Our day starts with a special.  After children return we busily get involved in writing, followed by an interactive read aloud.  Students then go to recess and lunch.  After lunch we dive into math and word work.  Students then take a quick break and we immerse ourselves into reading.  The day is capped off with social studies, science or engineering.  

Josh Breslow

Photo of Josh Breslow
Art Teacher North Shore Middle School, LIFE Entrepreneurial Middle School, Hartland South Elementary and Hartland School of Community Learning Work Phone: (262) 369-6767

I was born in the Bronx, New York City. I Went to college in the Midwest and graduate school in Pennsylvania. I taught art in Brooklyn New York for five years in downtown Milwaukee for four years. Currently this is my fifth year teaching at the Hartland Lakeside School District and still enjoy every moment of it.

Lindsey Buchholz

Photo of Lindsey Buchholz
Special Education Hartland South Elementary Work Phone: (262) 369-6720

My name is Mrs. Buchholz and I am one of the 3rd grade teachers! This will be my third year at Hartland South! Each day brings on new and exciting challenges. I am super excited for an amazing year with students! I have a degrees in education, and curriculum and instruction. My favorite subjects to teach are science and social studies. I find it fascinating to learn about different people, places and times. Digging in to a new book is also pretty awesome. I can’t wait to discover new books together with students! Outside of school I enjoy sports and spending time outdoors with my family!

Judy Cieminski

Photo of Judy Cieminski
Office Manager North Shore Middle School and LIFE Entrepreneurial Middle School Work Phone: 262-369-6767

Worked with the school district since 1995.

As a special ed. bus driver until 2003

Worked in the kitchen part-time at NSMS from 2001-2004

Worked as a custodian from 2004- 2013 at NSMS

From 2013-present working as NSMS school secretary, and loving it!!!



Michele Davis

Photo of Michele Davis
District Coordinator Hartland Lakeside School DistrictDistrict Office Work Hartland Lakeside School District 800 E North Shore Drive Hartland WI 53029 Work Phone: 262-369-6746 Cell Phone: 262-490-6392

I have been employed by the Hartland Lakeside School District 2006.  My primary responsibilities include school board secretary, executive assistant to the superintendent, community education and transportation coordinator.

My desire as an employee of the Hartland Lakeside School District is to provide excellent customer service to our families and staff as well as to engage with the residents of our community.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions.  Thank you!

Morgan Davis

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Website Support

Julie Debelack

Photo of Julie Debelack
Drama Teacher North Shore Middle School Work Phone: (262) 369-6767

What I love about teaching is… sharing enthusiasm for my subject matter.

I have been teaching at North Shore Middle School since the fall of 2008.  I helped to create and implement the theater and movie making classes at North Shore and continue to help it change and grow every year.  In theater classes, students learn how to create characters, act as an ensemble onstage, write scripts, and will discover how theater has changed since ancient times.  Students use costumes, props, and the stage to bring their scripts to life.  In movie making classes, students learn how to film and edit their own footage to look like professional movies.  Students use video cameras and computers to create commercials, newscasts, stop motion films, movie trailers, short films, and more.  I also co-direct the fall play and spring musical for our drama club and manage the stage crew.


Christopher Dillon

Photo of Christopher Dillon
Network Administrator Hartland Lakeside School District Work Phone: (262) 369-6767

Nicole Dillon

Photo of Nicole Dillon
8th Grade Math. North Shore Middle School Work Phone: (262) 369-6767

What I love about teaching is being able to reach learners at all levels and provide an experience to, hopefully, impact students’ future decisions!

8th Grade Math: The 8th grade math course, Core Connections Course 3 (CC3), is the third of a three-year sequence of courses designed to prepare students for future rigorous algebra courses. This particular course helps students develop multiple strategies to solve problems and find connections. The curriculum is based off of the Common Core Math Standards and Math Practices found here.

Major concepts of study include: finding connections between tables, graphs, patterns, and equations, solving equations, solving systems of equations, coordinate grid transformations, collecting and analyzing data trends, calculating slope, Pythagorean Theorem, linear and non-linear functions, rational and irrational numbers, exponent and scientific notation rules, angles created by transversals and parallel lines, and volume of various solids.

Homework: The home is designed to be used as a “review & preview,” as labeled, to develop and maintain mathematical understanding and skills for the concepts learned in the CPM math books. The concepts will continue to come up throughout the book to keep ideas fresh and aid in comprehension.

***Students are expected to attempt all assigned homework problems. The Honor Level Code issues a three-point infraction for incomplete homework assignments.

Tests and Quizzes: Because of the importance for students to receive spaced practice with course concepts, tests, and quizzes will cover a variety of topics, many of those that were covered in a previous chapter and review in homework problems.

GRADING: All grades earned in math will be posted on our online grading system weekly, including homework, mid-chapter quizzes, Puzzle Investigator problems, and assessments (tests, exit slips, writing prompts (etc). Families are encouraged to access the 8th grade google site https://sites.google.com/a/hartlake.org/nsms8thgrade/ for the homework, quizzes, and assessment calendar and weekly updates, as well as our online grading system via the school website.

7th Grade STEM

STEM 7 is a trimester encore class that introduces students to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Students will learn about the importance of STEM and how it influences the world we live in. By engaging in hands-on, real-world projects, students understand how the skills they are learning in the classroom can be applied in everyday life. Students will learn sketching techniques and use of descriptive geometry as a component of design, measurement, and computer modeling. Solid modeling software will be used to introduce students to the design process. Using the design process, students brainstorm, research, develop ideas, create models, test and evaluate design ideas, and communicate their solution to solve problems.

Please see the site https://sites.google.com/a/hartlake.org/nsms-grade-7/ for STEM info, homework, and links to student work.

6th Grade STEM

STEM 6 is a trimester encore class that introduces students to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Students will learn about the importance of STEM and how it influences the world we live in. Through problem solving challenges, students are introduced to and immersed in the design process used by engineers in the real-world to solve everyday situations. Students will also be introduced to the basics of robotics through the use of simple and motorized mechanisms.

**Design and Modeling is covered in more depth in 7th grade STEM, while programming, building, and electrical robotics is tackled in 8th grade STEM!

Please see the site https://sites.google.com/a/hartlake.org/nsms-6th-grade/ for STEM info, homework, and links to student work.

Susan Dollins

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Learning Assistant Work Phone: 262-369-6720

Patricia Eckerman

Photo of Patricia Eckerman
6th Grade Math North Shore Middle School Work Phone: (262) 369-6767

What I love about teaching is hearing the light bulbs go on when students understand a concept or solution in math. It is that “now I get it!” moment.

My name is Patty Eckerman and I teach 6th grade mathematics at North Shore Middle School. I have a Business Degree with a Spanish minor and I returned to school to obtain my teaching certification with a mathematics emphasis a few years ago. I teach both the CC1 and CC1/2 hybrid class and advise the 5th and 6th grade math club. Our math classroom is collaborative in nature and you will hear mathematical discussions going on within each team of students. I believe students learn best when they work on, discuss and then present mathematical problems and their solutions together. Participation is a must on these teams and therefore everyone has a role or job. Homework is given almost daily and is due the next day. Homework is necessary to practice the concepts we work on in the classroom. The way students learn math today is not the way I learned math at their age. Our curriculum is highly engaging with students solving unfamiliar problems together, analyzing alternative solutions, and using these solutions to solve similar types of problems. This leads to conceptual understanding, critical thinking and reasoning skills that are needed in the workplace today.

Michelle Feierstein

Photo of Michelle Feierstein
Occupational Therapist Hartland North Elementary Work Phone: (262) 369-6710
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