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Stay Safe To Stay Open

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Our dashboard provides an overview of the total number of students attending in-person and staff in the district who are in isolation or quarantine due to COVID-19. Similar to the Waukesha County Health Department’s dashboard, for the purposes of anonymity, if we have fewer than five cases in a category, it will be listed as <5.

Safety Protocol #1 – Daily Checklist for Families:
Home Health Screening Checklist

Safety Protocol #2 – Face Covering Procedures:
Board Approved Face Covering Procedures
Fun ways to help your child adjust to masks
Putting on and taking off your mask
Wearing Masks Story
Social Story – Seeing Others Wearing Masks

Safety Protocol #3 – Follow Isolation and Quarantine Protocols

Safety Protocol #4 – if your child tests positive for COVID-19 or has been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive, please contact the District Nurse Ann-Marie Meissner at ameissner@hartlake.org
Next Steps- close contacts of someone with COVID-19
8.27.20 Family Email Close Contact Procedures

Safety Protocol #5: Please make sure your child has a primary doctor.
So what do you do if your child is sent home from school with COVID-19 symptoms? The first step is to contact your child’s physician. Click here for details on how to proceed.

Reminder:  According to CDC guidelines, if one child is sent home with symptoms, the rest of the siblings will be sent home to quarantine. Your entire family must quarantine while waiting for your child’s COVID-19 test results. If the results are positive, the entire family must continue to quarantine. If the results are negative, the siblings may return to school and the child who was sent home with symptoms may return to school 24 hours after his/her symptoms have subsided.

How to Wash a Cloth Face Covering _ CDC


Carpool and Walker Arrival and Dismissal Times for Schools:
Hartland North
Revised 2020-21 HS Carpool Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
Revised 2020-21 North Shore Arrival and Dismissal Procedures