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Bus Routes Stops and Times:
Please note student names are removed from the list.  If after reviewing the HL 2021-22 Bus Route Stop Schedule you are uncertain of your location, please contact your school office for further assistance.

Transportation for the Hartland Lakeside School District is provided by Dousman Transportation, Inc. for students who qualify for transportation.  The District shall provide transportation for all regularly enrolled students whose eligibility shall be determined by meeting the following conditions:

  1. Who reside more than two (2) miles by the most usually traveled and direct route.
  2. Students with exceptional educational needs as defined in State Statute 115.76(3).
  3. Private school students who are residents of the District in accordance with State Statute 121.54(2)
  4. Hazardous conditions as defined by State Statute 121.54(9)(a).

Transportation for four-year-old students is provided on existing morning and afternoon elementary routes for qualifying students.  There is a dedicated route for mid-day 4K students.

Parents can help prepare students for their busing experience by using the safety brochure and coloring pamphlet listed below.  4K-2nd grade students will receive a backpack tag that specifies the students name and bus route number(s) to help as a reference for the student as needed.

For students in 4K-5K, a parent or representative must be present when students are released from the afternoon drop-off location unless a prior arrangement has been communicated with Dousman.

Routes 1, 11, and 12 are direct routes to Hartland North due to the route stop locations. All Students on routes 2-10 will be transported to North Shore Middle School.  Middle school students will depart to enter school and remaining Hartland North and Hartland South students will transfer to their designated shuttle buses to continue to their respective school buildings.  The transfer is supervised by Hartland Lakeside staff and requires just a few minutes to complete the process.  One shuttle bus is assigned for Hartland North and three buses are assigned for Hartland South.

An alternative transportation request can be submitted for families qualifying for transportation due to childcare situations.  The childcare must be an existing in-district transportation location.  Please reference the form below.

Please contact Michele Davis, mdavis@hartlake.org transportation questions or concerns.  For after school busing emergencies, please contact Michele Davis at 262-490-6392.