800 E. North Shore Drive, Hartland, Wisconsin 53029

What Are Parents Saying?

What Are People Saying?

“Thank you for all the ways you help to make Hartland Lakeside great; we are very happy and proud to be a part of this school district.”  — parent

“Congratulations to you and the entire staff at North Shore Middle School on the wonderful result on the state report card …  It is a testimony to the dedication of the teaching staff and all the support staff from environmental services to the kitchen.  We are very proud of the school and it is a victory for public education in a diverse setting.  We love(d) the school and the education our kids got!!” — parent

“There’s just so much going on and so much fun and the teachers are amazing and they make sure learning is fun and that the topic is easy to understand.” – Marielle, student

“As the parent of an incoming 8th grader, we have been very pleased with the HLSD.  The kindergarten teacher set the bar high in terms of her level of excellence and each teacher after has not disappointed.  The digital classroom was a fantastic experience and the different styles of learning, middle school class offerings, and extracurricular activities have all been phenomenal.” — parent

“We’re interested in providing kids with the most cutting-edge technology.” – Dan, teacher at Hartland North

“All of my daughter’s teachers were excellent role models.  They created a wonderful learning environment.”  — parent

“I think it prepares you for who you want to be.” – Corey, 8th grader at North Shore Middle School

“My child has grown so much since entering HSCL.  His academics have soared, he’s become more comfortable with himself, and has grown quite much as a person.  He has learned how to be a leader while respecting leadership, and his self-confidence has increased tremendously.” — parent

“The Support that they give us is real and genuine and they value our opinions.” – Amy, teacher at North Shore Middle School

“HLSD is a phenomenal school district with top notch educators and staff who are driven to help each student reach their full potential.  We couldn’t be more thrilled with the education our sons are receiving.” — parent

“I have felt very lucky that my child has been able to attend school in this district.  She absolutely LOVES going to school.” — parent

“The ability to choose where your child can learn best, I think that’s a very unique and special thing for our district to offer.” – Martha, teacher at Hartland North

“Love the teachers, love the staff, love the school.” — parent

“The school clearly cares deeply for the students and works hard to provide a variety of educational styles to suit different kids’ needs.” — parent

“I wish everyone knew how great our school is on a day-to-day basis.” — parent

“The academics here are phenomenal, and they are always trying, year after year, to do something new, something innovative” — parent

“Hartland Lakeside is providing us with that energy, that enthusiasm, that excitement where kids want to be.” — Dale, parent

“It’s not just one size fits all, it’s like what can we do as a district to challenge kids and put them into different environments.” –, parent

“Hartland North, Hartland South, Northshore; I think that they prepare our kids so well for the future; high shool, college and beyond.” — parent

“It’s not just one size fits all, it’s like what can we do as a district to challenge kids and put them into different environments.” — parent